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Upon arrival, your pet will be examined for fleas, ticks, or other external parasites. If any are found, your pet will be treated before entering the boarding facility, at your expense.

All pets must be up to date on required vaccinations before entering the boarding facility. This ensures your pet’s protection as well as the safety of our other boarders.

Unless personal food is brought, your pet will be fed Hill’s Science Diet according to their weight/age/etc.

Please bring any medications needed for your pet’s stay. These need to have proper prescription labels on them so we know strength, dose, etc.

We provide bedding, blankets, and everything needed for their stay. If you would like to bring a small blanket or 1 – 2 toys, please make sure these are labeled. Their belongings will be changed and washed as needed.

If you would like your pet to have a bath before going home, please let a member of our staff know what time you plan on picking your pet up. Depending on time, we usually do it the morning of unless itwill be an early check out.

I have read and agree to all terms listed above. I authorize Cypress Creek Animal Hospital to provide any appropriate care should an unexpected complication arise. Furthermore, I agree that payment is due at the time of services rendered.
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